Gullah's Friends

The Author, the Artist, and the Lay-out Man

Nancy, The Author

Lives in:
A log cabin in Jacksonville, Florida

Interesting Fact #1:
Once lived in a “haunted house!”

Interesting Fact #2:
Once worked in a “M.A.S.H.” unit at
Denver, CO Cherry Creek State Park

Started writing in:
Middle school

Favorite Books:
Nancy Drew Mysteries, Anne of Green Gables
The Thanatos Syndrome, Strangers and
Sojourners, Eclipse of the Sun.

Favorite Movie:
To Kill A Mockingbird, Lord of the Rings

Favorite Things:

Besides writing of course!
Travel, Tennis, and the Theatre, Gardening and Grandchildren.

You can reach Nancy at:

Sandy, The Artist

Lives in:
A new house in Pasgagoula, Mississippi

Interesting Fact #1:
Once lived on a boat ----for 12 years!

Interesting Fact #2:
Once was a “Sea Gypsy”

Started painting:
As a young girl

Favorite Things:
Mixing merriment into her color pots
of strawberry, peach and plum for children’s stories.

Favorite Artists:

Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Pino, Royo.

Favorite Movies:
Many of the old time Turner Classics

You can reach Sandy at

Cliff, The Layout Artist

Lives in:
Jacksonville, FL

Interesting Fact #1:
Is an actor and a children's author

Interesting Fact #2:
Has given over 4000 performing art and music shows nationwide.

Started drawing:
In elementary school

Favorite Things:
Traveling, photography and creating art for young people with iridescent chalk shows and musical backgrounds.

Favorite Artists:
Van Gogh

Favorite Movies:
Amazing Grace

You can reach Cliff at:

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