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My Visiting Author Program

My visiting author program,
Hurry, Hurry Hurricane,
Gullah, The Nawleans Cat Meets Katrina
is a thirty-minute program.

...for grades K through 6 usually held in the school library or classroom .

We will have

Story telling

Role Playing

The Story Glove - Let's Write!

Hurricane Awareness and
Gullah's secret Hurricane Cheer!

The program is Free -
in exchange for permission to sell my books.

A flier goes home to parents allowing them to buy a book autographed to their child. Contact me at

What the teachers, the librarians and the kids say .

Durbin Creek Elementary School

. In December 2007 our school hosted a visit by local author, Nancy H. Murray. Mrs. Murray graciously presented her program for our students in kindergarten through fifth grade over a two-day visit.

. Because her book is considered a 'picture book,' we initially planned to have her speak to our K-3 students. However, after a few presentations with the younger children, we quickly expanded her talk to include our fourth and fifth grade students as well because of the warm and enthusiastic response she received from the teachers and younger students. We found that her enthusiasm for presenting her story spread across grade levels. Our older students and teachers enjoyed her story as much as our younger students!

Mrs. Murray did an outstanding job in presenting her story and relating it to the memories and experiences that our students had of Hurricane Katrina. Our students are still talking about the story.

I would highly recommend Mrs. Murray to any school wishing to host an author visit.

Marlene Zullig
Library Media Specialist
Rawlings Elementary School
Thank you so much for your presentation at Rawlings Elementary. The children sat motionless as you told the tale of Gullah. Your mini-lesson on writing is so memorable that I will use it myself.

Again, thanks for sharing your talents with our children.

Debby Etheredge
Music Teacher

St. Paul's Catholic School - Jacksonville Beach

. Thank you so much for coming to our school and spending the day, sharing your time and talents with our students. What a wonderful experience for all of us.

… Needless to say, all of the students enjoyed your book. Not only did they identify with that poor homeless kitten, but also with the wonderful power of song and the sense of belonging. The middle school students were very interested in getting a better sense of all that goes into the production of a book … from the first glimmer of a story line, finding the right illustrator, all the way to publication and publicity. Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us.
B. J. Oehmann


That book was awesome!
Dear Mrs. Murray,

…Thank you for coming to our school. I liked the realistic Fiction. The props like the helicopter were cool.
Dear Mrs. Murray,
… I liked that book. The cat was the coolist. Sincerely, Devin
Dear Mrs. Murray, … I really liked the book .I also learned some really cool frence words.


Mrs. Rice's Fifth Grade class

Dear Mrs. Murray,
…It was relly exiding and sade, but I relly liked it. Well at the end you kind of left me hanging because what will happen to the cat. Will it find its family? I hope there is a sequel.
Dear Mrs. Murray,
…In your book my favorite part was the part when Gullah got on the roof and found Kitchey-Gee because it was a happy ending.

Your fellow reader,
Dear Mrs. Murray,
. I liked the part where Gullah thought the thunder was lions because it is cool to think how animals think of noises and the illustrations were perfectly with it.

Dear Mrs. Murray
…My favorite part was when Gullha was chasing the lizard. That was funny. Sincerely, Elliott
Dear Mrs. Murray, Thank you so much for coming! I really enjoyed the books. My absolute favorite part of the book was when Gullah had the lizard in his mouth and was mumbling to his mother. This is my favorite part because it sounds like something that I would do!

A Cat Lover Always,
  • Gullah, The Nawleans Cat Meets Katrina
  • Copyright 2007